by Connor Peskin and Collin Black


Look good, feel good, play good


Welcome to CoCoVille. This Utopian society founded by Collin and Connor was constructed to benefit people like us. Smart people, kind people, and most importantly athletic people. Our society is based around sports and overall joy in life. In order to keep our people happy, we construct football and soccer teams to compete against each other in tournaments. In order to keep sports a top priority, we have built our town around multiple sports complexes and fields. If you love sports and being happy than CoCoVille is for you.

The Competitive System and Population

In CoCoVille, there are 12 different districts, each with their own football and soccer team. Each district raises their children to be incredible athletes. The best athletes are selected by the coaches from a young age. The smartest coaches are taught and raised to be great coaches. At the end of every year, there is a large tournament where all of their kids showcase their skills that they have been improving for the past year. When a district wins the tournament, whether soccer or football, they're rewarded with improvements to their town.

American Dream

What's more important than being happy? For many people, their American Dream is to be happy! Well at CoCoville we make that possible. What's more fun than playing your favorite sport for your career. Connor and Collin share the same American Dream of playing sports professionally. They were too good for any league in the world so they created CoCo Ville. CoCo Ville is created for the top class athletes that are just too good for anywhere else. If you love playing football or soccer, competing, and bonding with teammates than CoCoville is where you will make your American dream become a reality.

Comparison With Fahrenheit 451

In Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury depicts a dystopian society where happiness is key. The citizens are given a drug to get rid of any sad feelings and increase happy feelings. In our society our citizens remain happy by playing sports and competing. When you participate in a physical activity the brain releases endorphins which make you feel happy. So when our citizens play sports they are happy and having fun. Instead of forcing our citizens to be happy we simply let the human body do its job. We believe competition is healthy, so in CoCoville you either win or lose, but you will never tie. Losing can be sad but it pushes our citizens to train harder so they win next time. CoCoville is less controlling than the dystopia that Ray Bradbury illustrates in his book Fahrenheit 451.


Potential problems that might occur include, but are not limited to: Anger from loosing a game, not getting along with teammates, hatred toward another team, disagreement over playing time, loosing passion of your sport, disagreements over which team you make, controversy between citizens and Connor and or Collins decision making, etc

Resolutions to these problems will be decided by Collin and Connor. Failure to abide by these decisions will result in banishment of the citizen from CoCoville.

There are no drawbacks to living in CoCoville because to us, this is our dream paradise.

It is your decision to leave if you do not agree with something or don't enjoy CoCoville like the other citizens.