eBackpack Basics

Learn how to get your homework, and how to turn it in.


Remember, eBackpack is BOTH a web site and an app.

Computer: www.gracetyler.ebackpack.com

Login: username = firstname.lastname (charlie.brown)

iPad app:

Account Name: gracetyler

Username: firstname.lastname



Forgotten Password:

1. If you forget your password, go to www.gracetyler.ebackpack.com

2. Choose the Forgot Your Password link.

3. Enter your school email.
4. Open email from eBackpack. Reset your password.

Send a document from eBackpack to Notability

1. Open the eBackpack app.

2. Select the Shared Class and Group Files

3. Select your Class. Select the file you want to open in Notability.

4. Once you've selected your document, touch the PowerShare button at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Open in . . . button. Select Notability.

5. Notability will open. Select Create New Note. You will then be asked to select a page range. Select OK to select all the pages of the document.

6. The note will open in Notability. You may now retitle the document.

7. Select the Library button at the top of the screen.

8. Move the note to the appropriate category/subject. Hold your finger on the note you wish to move. The note will magnify. Drag the note to the appropriate subject. Remember, notes cannot go in Categories, they can only go in Subjects.


Turn In Assignment from Notability to eBackpack

1. Open the note in Notability.

2. Touch the Power Share button.

3. Select the Open In option.

4. Select the blue Open Note In ... button.

5. Select the eBackpack icon. This will launch eBackpack.

6. Tap OK.

7. Select the Assignment Turn-In folder.

8. Choose the correct class folder.

9. Choose the correct assignment folder.

10. Once you've selected the correct assignment folder a blue Copy button will appear in the top right-hand corner of the window.

11. You should receive a message window that says, "File uploaded successfully."


Christina Jontra

Director of Instructional Technology

Grace Community School