By:Wynter Estell

Cats Of The Wild

Warriors:Midnight is a book about domestic cats who live in the wild. Brambleclaw a short haired male cat, is always scuffiling with the leader's daughter, Squirrelpaw. But what Brambleclaw doesn't know is that in the future she will give birth to three kits who are apart of Starclan's prophecy.
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Book Not In Order

This book is the first book of the second series, so you might not get who alot of these characters are. I recomend reading the first before this book so it will make more sense.

Awesome Animal Book

I recomend this book because there is lots of drama and action to look foward to.

Also, if you have ever wanted to see from a stray cats eyes and the problems he or she faces, then i TOTALLY recomend this exciting book!