The blackfoot tribe

By Paden Phillips

Were they live

They were nomadic. They followed buffalo in Montana, Idaho and sometimes they even went to Alberta Canada.

What they lived in

They lived in teepees made of buffalo skin. The teepees are made to be easily moved and taken down.

What they ate and hunted

They hunted buffalo and fish.

hey eat mainly buffalo but they also ate herbs, roots, berries and fruit. They get the buffalo by scaring them off cliffs also by stalking them with bows and arrows.Once they have scared them off the cliffs they go down and use their knives to get there hide and meat.

There tools

There tools were arrows, long bows, knifes, mauls, shaft straighteners, clubs, and shields made of buffalo skin.The used these tools for war and hunting.

Fun Facts

The english translation for Blackfoot is siksika which means blackfoot in english. Blackfoot kids liked to play and go fishing but they had a lot of chores so they didn’t get to play a lot. When they had the time they played with toys such as dolls and plaid special games such as the hoop game. Men and women wore moccasins on their feet. In cold weather they wore buffalo hide robes. When the temperature was warm they wore decorated shirts and dresses.