By: Jayden Herring

Rabbits food

Rabbits need fresh water every day. They eat un-cooked vegetables, rabbit pellets, and lots of Timothy hay. Fruit is a very good rabbit treat. Some good greens choices are: Green leaf lettuce, Red leaf lettuce, Romaine, Mustard greens, Kale, Parsley, Dandelion grass, Collard greens, and Cilantro.

Rabbits life cycle`

Four to 15 rabbits are born in a litter. Usually after four months, a rabbit can be on it's own. Many rabbits live to ten years. They grow up really fast.

Intresting Facts

Baby rabbits are called kits

Rabbits can be trained to use a litter box

Rabbits like to run a lot

They like to chew on stuff

Rabbits are very cuddly animals

Rabbits can run real fast

Rabbits body

Rabbits have soft cuddly fur. They have cute noses and fluffy tails. Rabbits have giant ears. They are colors like: white, brown, black, tan, and gray. Most have black eyes and some breeds have red.

Rabbits habatat

Rabbits live indoors. They need a big cage with a flat surface. Usually they need a food plate, water bottle, and a nice place to sleep. Rabbits love to chew on wood toys. If you want to train them to use a litter box you might need one.

Rabbits predators

A rabbits predators are a:

Swamp Harrier




and a Weasel

Where rabbits are located

Rabbits live throughout the world. They can generally be found in dense forests, tundra, grassland regions, Wetlands, Deserts, Thickets, Woods, Salt Marches, Embankments, Moorlands, Sand dunes, and Sagebrush. Some usually live in: Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Belize, Panama, Argentina, Mexico, and Venezuela.


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Recycled Paper Litter $11.99

Food Bowl $5.37

Chair mat $34.99

Litter Box $13.99

Hay Feeder $9.00

Timothy Hay $29.99

Water Bottle $3.99

Rabbit Pelets $8.99

Carrots $1.50

Celery $2.98

Un-cooked Spinach $4.50

Lettuce $2.50

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Rabbit food chain

Bunny Ballet