Vote For The Federalist John Adams

It's not just a dream, it's a dream that WILL come true!

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Founder of The Federalist..

The picture above is Founder of The Federalist (Political Party) ALEXANDER HAMILTON
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We Need Support!

We have many issues that need support so we need you to vote for the candidate John Adams for president of the Federalist! ( John Adams above)

We need a better economy!

The best way to make money is industrial which is business, manufacturing, and trade we would make more money faster and people would actually need an education which would benefit schools and jobs to make sure they are actually qualified. And we would get federalist to spread the word.
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Federalist know the best government!

The best form of government is FEDERAL which means National because we have tried giving the power to the states and it ended badly. So we give most of the power (not all) to the government it will be easier for us to have a peace in America. So what we can do is peacefully protest outside of courts, anything to make sure the Federalist voice is heard.
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The Federalist way of Interpreting the constitution

The best way of interpreting the constitution is broadly because if we did word for word some of the rights we would loose and the "elastic clause" would be why. So if we didn't have a word for word interpretation we could have more things like A National Bank
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Federalist are the best!

Vote for John Adams for the Federalist Party