Andrew Jackson


Indian removal act of 1830

the Indian removal act also known as the trail of tears, shouldn't have happen with greed and ignoring the court case Worcester v. Georgia who was won by the Cherokee awarding them the right to stay and own their land Andrew Jackson still forced over 16,000 native Americans to walk from their land to Oklahoma


Andrew Jackson used a total of 12 vetoes 5 regular and 7 pocket many where things that could have improved the United States like bills to build better transportation and bills to have congress meet. At the time he was the only president to use this many vetoes and many people felt that he abused his powers wanting to be strongest in the government and acting like a king.

Spoils System

The Spoils System was a bad idea because the president shouldn't be allowed to give anybody he wants a job if they have no experiences and are very unfit for the job it could also mean to much power because he puts in a bunch of his friends and together they vote things up that they feel is right instead of people with different opinions putting out different ides and voting up whats most popular by the group overall making the spoils system a very bad idea

King Andrew

This political cartoon shows Andrew Jackson dressed as a king because he is misusing and abusing his powers as president, it shows that he doesn't care for the constitution because it is ripped up and he is stepping on it, it also shows that he vetoed allot because in his hand he has a bill that had been vetoed again showing that he misused his powers to gain what he wanted.