factors affecting participation

-laura carr


Age is has a big effect on participation in sport! this makes sporting events place everyone in different categories. There are many things that age affects, Skill, Strength, Stamina flexability, oxygen capacity and recovery time. This can be a challange to the small weaker player placing or an easy game for the larger people.


Endomorph is when a person is a larger shape (pear shape). This makes them heavier, and larger than others. This puts them in less sports at they are generally overweight and not fit enough.Ectomorph is when a person is a smaller shape, uaually tall and thin. which makes then sutiable for sports like high jump and basket ball!Mesomorph is when a person is muscly and strong this person is usualy very fit and makes them suitable for sports like football,  Sort distance running! However they are less likely to do long distance running because they have a lot of weight to carry for a long period for time.


Males are generally bigger, and can have a higher percentage of muscle mass, which makes them stronger in absolute terms. Males also have slightly different angles in their hips and knees, making them less prone to certain sports injuries. Men also tend to have chunkier skeletons, which allows for stronger attachment points for tendons and muscles. Bigger joints also means better leverage, which contributes to making men stronger.There are also differences between men and women that makes them individually great in different sports. For example, men build muscles faster than women, making them stronger than the females. That is why they excel in contact sports, like football and rugby. Women, on the other hand, are lighter and more flexible than men. Women are great when it comes to acrobatics and gymnastics.


Disabilly affects participation in sports because if you are in a wheelchair and unable to walk you will feel like you cannot participate in sports,facility can be hard to get and the  rules may need to be ajusted to the disability. A healthy mind is important and you can feel like you cannot be as good as some people so you dont attempt at all!

Risk and Challenge

Risk and Challenge is mainly aimed at people willing and wanting to do more in sport, they want to challenge their self and want to take risks. This can be by playing againsts stronger larger people in a sport. Making the pole higher in high jump. This affects performce because they will be challanging their bodies to do more work than needed. This can end up in injury and possibly death.