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Week of December 7, 2015


Math- We started our division unit last week. I let the kids know that they already know what division is, and how to divide. We spoke about drawing "equal grouping pictures" or using "repeated subtraction". The students decided that these methods take too long, so I informed them that over this unit, I will teach them more efficient methods to divide. This week I will be introducing the Place Value Sections Method and Expanded Notation Method for division. I have attached my "Show Me" videos below for each of these methods.

Writing - This week we will continue to elaborate on our literary non-fiction pieces. We will strategically choose text features to embed in our writing, use transition words when moving from one part to another, and craft introductions and conclusions.

Science - This week we will discuss where the water in our stream tables go, and where the soil goes (erosion and deposition.)

Social Studies - In class we will be making maps of the United States that show our major physical characteristics.

Reading- As we read non-fiction this week we will focus on determining the central message and synthesize and summarize what we read.

Teacher Notes

Reading is Fundamental Field Trip #2

Our second trip to the Royal Oak Public Library is scheduled for December 18th. We need at least 5 chaperones to take this trip... right now we just have 3! If you would like to drive on this trip, please send me a quick e-mail and I will send you the necessary forms. (For each field trip we need a new driver form.)

Math Homework and Remembering Pages

Save this Link! This is a PDF of all of the "Homework and Remembering" Pages. If Fido eats your child's homework, just print off a new page!

Shhhhh... don't tell the students kids, here is a link to the answer key too. This is a great resource to help you check their work each night.