Spring Online Course Offerings

final online opportunity to earn Nov Trade Credit this year

Last Chance!

All online courses end Monday, March 24th, at 8 a.m. This is the last chance to take online courses to earn November trade credit for November 2013.

Contact Tammy Snively with questions or comments.

NEED TO KNOWS: All online courses...

  • Have the same enrollment key: spring
  • Are found in LOLA, under the categories Book Studies or Professional Learning.
  • Cannot be registered for in Eduphoria Workshop by the participant.
  • When completed, participants will be registered in Eduphoria Workshop by Professional Learning.
  • Are checked for completion once a week, except during spring break.
  • Cannot be taken more than once for credit.
  • Can be taken by any paraprofessional or professional staff.

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is the enrollment key for all courses.