Come to our McDonald's!

Located in South Korea

About our McDonald's.

The food, dress code (below), and building design related to the culture of South Korea because they show the characteristics of the country. It shows how they're effected by America's traditions or current circumstances. It also shows how one culture- American, in this case- can diffuse within another and bother cultural aspects can be applied.

Employee Dress code.

  • Black cotton jacket with gold McDonald's pin
  • Plain grey undershirt
  • Black Bermuda shorts
  • Knee high black socks
  • Black/grey tennis shoes or flats (for girls)

A few original items from the menu (translated from Korean to English)

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Spicy Beaf Snack Wrap

Plain tortilla wrapped 100% beef with crispy bacon, fresh lettuce in a spicy Cajun sauce until entering.

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Traditional Big Mac

100% pure beef patties, two chapters on the Big Mac special sauce. Melt in your mouth cheese and fresh lettuce, onion, and pickles.

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Choco Oreo McFlurry

Twice as sweet pleasure of chocolate! Soft ice cream, chocolate fudge and oreo cookies.

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Spicy Chicken Tenders

Genus moist fried crispy on the outside. Spicy Chicken Tenders. Spicy chicken and sweet sauce. Fantastic combination of tender, crispy, spicy, and sweet.

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Fresh lettuce and savory savory chicken patty.

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Premium Roast

100% Arabica made. New premium roast drip coffee, now replace it with a fresh pot of coffee.

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New! Grilled Chicken Burger

Directly on the grill more soft and moist grilled 100% chicken breast and suite pickles, mustard, sweet and sour sauce, fresh lettuce. McDonald's serves freshly baked in a tomato, corn meal topping, until rongbeon.