The Road to Perseverance

Ben Gibbas

"Mistakes are proof that you're trying" ~ Anonymous

How is perseverance defined?

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, perseverance is defined as "the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even though it is difficult". The purpose of this newsletter is to prove exactly that, by giving you examples of perseverance throughout people and books. These people who persevered through their tough times deserved a well earned reward, these people are Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg from Nadja on My Way, Lorenzo Santillan and Oscar Vazquez from Spare Parts, Apple founder Steve Jobs, The Donner Party from The Donner Party, and Keevan from "The Smallest Dragon Boy".

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg vs Lorenzo Santillan on the Road to Perseverance (Compare and Contrast)

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Nadja vs Lorenzo, similarities and differences.
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A timeline of Steve Job's triumphs.

Steve Job's Road to Perseverance (Description)

After “Toy Story” came out, people got excited about the fact that the animations were generated on the Macintosh. Soon, people realized that, Macintosh got a huge windfall because of it. This is a triumph because of their perseverance toward their creations and it turned into something beautiful. Being able to have such an eloquent mind, persistence and perseverance, he was able to triumph after this experience. This forward push allowed them to further their processes
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A photo of Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Oscar Vazquez's Road to Perseverance (Cause and Effect)

Oscar Vasquez wanted to join the US army, but was unable to be in the US army because he was an undocumented citizen in the US. Consequently, he felt sorry for himself, but he had resolve to do as much as he could to help the country while he could by joining the ROTC. After this cause, He tried to use his leadership to show his complacence towards the idea of not being in the US army, and being threatened of deportation, but his adversities were still there. Despite the repercussions of this cause, he had a conviction of still joining the US army some day. He kept going forward as much as possible until he was able to get into the army. Oscar had to get over these adversities by taking the risks of being deported so that he could legally live in America and join the US army.

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A photo of Oscar Vazquez, over 15 years later after the Carl Hayden robotics team won against MIT.

The Donner Party's Road to Perseverance (Sequence)

In the nonfiction story, The Donner Party, After taking the Hasting’s Cutoff, the Donner Party deals with thick bushes, mountains, canyons and other dangerous disasters along this cutoff. Then, they deal with the alkali deserts that burn on their skin. They face many adversities, such as cattle running away, dehydration, disease and hunger. The Donner Party still perseveres through this trail until they finally get off the Hastings cutoff, despite their losses in people and cattle. Throughout the Hastings cutoff, they adhere to this path and continue to venture down the cutoff in spite of the dangers they already passed through. The Donner Party had chosen a dangerous path, but they were ambitious to immigrate to the new land in California.
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A photo of the Donner Party that shows them walking along a trail.

Keevan's Road to Perseverance (Problem-Solution)

In the fictional short story "The Smallest Dragon Boy", Beterli had intimidated Keevan because of how little and weak he was compared to the other boys in his peer group. At first, Beterli had prided on his strength, thinking of himself as being noble. He was able to intimidate others by his size, causing him to be a burden of Keevan's. Keevan remained calm though, and just thought of Beterli as just another roadblock, instead of a big problem. Beterli had tried to make Keevan falter, but Keevan was not fazed by his pride. This angered him slightly, but Keevan wasn't afraid to speak his mind. This shows that Keevan is able to be successful, in spite of anything that might get in his way.
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A photo of Keevan riding his dragon (Far right).
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