By: Leslieann Hoyl

Christopher Columbus

Christopher was inspired mostly by his Father and Marco Polo. His voyage was financed by the Spanish Monarchs, Columbus's first settlement was found burned to the ground the men that were left there had been killed. Columbus was soon arrested shortly after his third voyage because of rising suspension and complaints.

Christopher's voyages

First landfall: San Salvador

Second landfall: Cuba

Third landfall: Hispaniola

Vasco de Gama

Vasco sailed from Europe going all the way around Africa to make it to his destination in Asia, he was the first to ever accomplish this. Vasco set sail on November 22, 1497. Half of Vascos crew died from scurvy. Vasco carried little valuables with him when he went to the new countries which arose suspicion


Magellan studied mapmaking and navigation. in 1505 Magellan went on his first voyage with Francisco de Almeida. In 1519 Magellan was granted the finance he needed to complete his voyage by Charles V and by August he had his ships and crew set to go. Magellan died during his voyage when they landed he befriended many from a tribe who talked him and his crew into attacking a near by tribe called lupa-lupa, during the attack Magellan was killed along with most of his crew.

Magellans Voyage