Exhibition Deforestation

By: kelvin

Reflection 1

From what I heard from the letter, by Archie Mullins, I believe the Exhibition is going to be both stressful and entertaining. I believe it’s going to be intimidating because it’s a huge project and is a large portion of our IB mark.It also seems like were going to be working on it for a long time as Ms.Capan stated we will be working on it for 7 weeks. I think it will be entertaining because we will get to learn many new things about the topic we selected.It’s also entertaining because we get to communicate with our group members to accomplish our common goal.I also think the exhibition is beneficial to our community because were taking a hard look on our world and trying to make it a better place for future generations. Believe me working with group members can be both pleasant or unpleasant. For instance if your group members are lazy and make you do all the work that would be unfortunate. So overall I believe the Exhibition will be both entertaining and stressful.

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Reflection 2

So far in the Exhibition, the two IB learner profile attributes I believe I've displayed the most are Knowledgeable and Communicator. I've displayed these skills on a constant basis so far throughout the Exhibition.

I displayed the learner profile attribute of Knowledgeable to research about my line of inquiry, the effects of deforestation. I also looked into paper Mâché, and how we could use it as part of our art component in our Exhibition. Another way i'm knowledgeable is that Iv'e looked for interesting facts about deforestation and inquired even further into more details.

Another attribute I've displayed is the IB learner profile attribute communicator.I constantly have to display tho attribute because I and the members in my group don't really get along, other than I and Jessica. So in order to cooperate I constantly have to be a communicator in order not to start an argument. So far we have only had one minor dispute and it was solved using skills from our past IB unit Peace and Conflict.

Mentors Reflection

Mentor meetings are one of the many advantages provided in the exhibition.The way it works is that your assigned to a teacher or two that has experience with the IB program. Once you have your mentors they will provide you with advice and put their input into your work. In my group, deforestation, my mentors Ms.Watt and Ms.Shakih have helped greatly in our group. They provide us with help and guidance in all our components for the exhibition. Another action they take is to help us delegate jobs and resolve conflicts between fellow group members. They assisted us greatly with our art component because they assisted us with organizing whose house we should go to, in order to make the paper. In my personal opinion, I think were having a great time doing the exhibition, however we occasionally have disagreements and small disputes but our mentors are always there to step in, if necessary.