Assistive Technology of Ohio

AT of Ohio

This website provides an adaptive toy lending program that gives children access to adapt toy. Parents can checkout toys at participating local libraries. They also provide a device lending library to search for and borrow equipment that is specifically designed to assist a particular special need such as speech communication devices, wheelchairs and computer access aids. Ohioans with disabilities can count on AT of Ohio to put them in touch with the resources they need to live independently.

"Assistive technologies (therefore) provide a vehicle to help individuals with disabilities move towards a more inclusive educational setting." (Hopkins, 2004).

Why AT of Ohio

This website offers a wide range of programs and services to help, including low interest loan, low cost computers and a device loan library that allows people with disabilities to try out technology. I believe they not only provide the assertive technology, but also responsible for evaluating, training and maintaining.

"Teachers can provide work that has been translated into braille they can present the materials being taught in an auditory manner, depending on the student and their learning style." (Burgstahler & Nourse, 2000).

How to use AT of Ohio in the classroom?

When considering the AT needs of a student, we can engage the student in tasks similar to what is required in the classroom, creating opportunities for the student to try assistive might be beneficial.


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