Colonial Georgia

by Clara and Daniel

Political System

  • Founders: Trustees
  • 71 men who were entitled trust of “running the government,” not paid
  • Type of colony: Charter (Governed by royal charter without interference from the crown/British government)
  • Relations with the Indians: Maintained a good relationship with the Indians, some came to become part of the Trustees council.

Economic System

  • People in Georgia concentrated on trading the things they grew in order to make a living.

  • Some of the products made in Colonial Georgia were tobacco, cotton, corn, vegetables, grain, and fruit.

  • Some of the main natural resources of Georgia were timber, furs, rice, and cotton.

  • Colonial Georgia was dependant on slavery, just like many other southern colonies. Slaves did most of the farming for them.


  • Georgia is a southern colony, it is found south.

  • Many of Colonial Georgia’s physical features include rivers, swamps, mountains, and views of the ocean.

  • They faced difficulties with finding fresh water, and some of the swampy land caused for them to be attacked by disease-carrying insects.


  • Open to any religion; besides Roman Catholic and Jews

  • Colonists were free to practice any religion there, except for religion (until 1777)

Famous People/Interesting Facts

  • James Oglethorpe: Founder of the Georgia Colony who was inspired to start colony by the death of his friend, (Robert Castell) in debtor's prison in England. A man who influenced his friend, James Oglethorpe, decision to set prisoners free.

  • (1741) Trustees divided Georgia into two counties - Savannah and Frederica

  • (1752) Trustees surrendered charter to British government; Georgia became royal colony

  • Unique: Trustees

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