What We Want In The Rainforest

The Rubber Tappers

Who Are The Rubber Tappers?

The rubber tappers take the latex from the Amazon Rainforest trees to make things such as erasers and bike tires. How do they do it? First, the tappers make diagonal slits on the side of the tree. Next, they take a cup and hold it at the bottom of the slits they just made. Then, they collect all the latex in the cup. Finally, the rubber tappers take the liquid to their factory and make it into rubber erasers and bike tires. All we want is to use the land to make important things, and to not cause any harm to the Amazon Forest.

Land Use

What Do Rubber Tappers Use The Amazon For?

We, the rubber tappers use the land just for its rubber. As said above, we make diagonal slits in the tree, and have the latex come running down into a cup. We bring all the latex to a factory, and they turn it into things such as erasers for your pencil, and tires for your car and bike. The trees eventually grow back to what they originally looked like. We do not harm the Amazon Rainforest in any way. We believe that we are using it for its resources that it has to offer, and not to go in there and just tear everything down. Soon, the latex will grow back inside, and the trees will look just like they did to begin with. So, what we are trying to tell you is that we aren't big threats to the trees in the Amazon. We don't tear them down, and they will always be there as long as we are around.
Tapping of rubber tree milk

Rubber Tapping Inc.

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