Year 6 Newsletter

Term 1 - 4th September, 2015

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General Notices;

  • Please remember to send your child’s medical form back to your class teacher. If you have lost your form, replacements are available in the nurse’s office.

  • Please enrol online for our APA camp if you haven't already done so. Deadline is September 11th. The link was sent out on the letter from school.

  • Please ensure your child is wearing appropriate school uniform. Reminder please; no jewelry to be worn at school, except watches.

  • Remember to check the VLE homework page every Wednesday please.

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Winning Camp Hat Design 2015 by Dhruv Dalal in 6M!

Unit of Inquiry;

Central Idea: Leadership influences the members of a community

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Responsibilities of leaders and the communities (responsibility)

  • Representation of opinions within a community (perspective)

  • How societal decision-making has an impact on communities (causation)

In Social Studies we are focusing on the strand of “Human systems and economic activities”. We will be considering the roles and responsibilities of leaders, the impact of the ways leaders exercise their leadership, and also exploring the distribution of power and authority within personal, regional and global contexts. Students will consider “circles of viewpoints” when discussing the different perspective’s people have. We will be using the Thinking Hats to determine the possibilities and challenges around different types of leadership and the decisions leaders make. Finally, students will have the opportunity to inquire into a leader of their choice and share their interpretation of the approaches, decisions and impact of the decisions made by this person.

Coming up: Individual presentations of their personal inquiries into leaders and systems.


During this unit we will be learning about different leadership styles through drama and role play scenarios. We will also be revisiting the essential elements of writing narrative texts, and extending these skills as we develop ourselves as authors.

Coming up: Persuasive writing


As this is the start of the year we will be focusing on and revisiting our core number skills, with a specific focus on place value: this includes recognizing, ordering, comparing and using positive and negative numbers.

Coming up: Handling real life data

PSE Connections within our unit of inquiry:

As Y6 leaders we will consider:

How an effective group can accomplish more than a set of individuals; how communities and societies have their own norms, rules and regulations; and how people can extend and challenge their current understandings by engaging with the ideas and perspectives of others.

Important Dates:

8 September - Meet the Teacher - 5-5.45 pm, followed by an APA camp talk in the hall, 6-7 pm

1 October - school closed - Public Holiday

2 October - school closed - CPD Day

6-9 October - Year 6 APA Camp

19-23 October - HALF TERM HOLIDAY