The Skedge-Grab

Organizing Time, Right in Your Pocket!

About our product:

The Skedge-Grab is a small alarm clock like box. It tells the time & date, and alarms you if you have something planned. On the side there is a number keyboard scaling from 0-9. Enter the time and click the AM or PM button and your alarm is set! It even has a small compartment that holds small stuff you tend to lose. It comes with Velcro to stick it to things. It is easy to detach too.


How much it costs, and where to find it.

The Skedge-Grab costs only $8.25 and can be found at your local supermarket.


NO CO literally means what it sounds like: I don't have a company! I am asking for an investment in my product of $3,000 for 20% of my future company. If you aren't interested in investing, I ask you to buy my product, and be the most organised person you can be!