"We will commit our financial, educational, and personnel resources to equip all students with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop to their fullest potential as self-motivated, life-long learners."


December 21- January 1: Winter Break - No School

March 15-19: No School - Spring Break

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The Gainesville R-V District was awarded a $162,000 grant through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Volkswagen School Bus Replacement Program. The grant has allowed the district to purchase three brand new buses for 40% of the cost. The district would like to thank the Department of Natural Resources for this opportunity. We would also like to thank our bus mechanic, Luke Cooley, for his instrumental role in obtaining this funding.

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------------------------------- ACADEMICS --------------------------------

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Mrs. Decker's application for a WRVEC Power-Up grant was approved! There were 184 applicants and 135 were approved. She received the maximum money allowed $750. She is planning on using the money to buy graphing calculators for students to check out and use if they are on quarantine, or absent. They can also check them out to use on the ACT test.


Mrs. Gilmore's Multimedia class is studying broadcasting and are creating a news story for the project. The students are using green screen technology and lighting sets to learn how these elements are used in video production.


Students participated in the 17th Annual MODot Bridge Building Competition. Students were provided balsa wood, wood glue, and one bundle of string. Their goal was to create the most efficient bridge with the goal weight-bearing being 80 lbs. Students took this opportunity to participate in the Buckle-up Challenge, which encourages students to buckle-up and keep their phone down while driving.

Physical Science students recently completed a lab exploring Newton's Laws of Motion.They discovered how the mass of an object and the force being exerted on the object contribute to the overall motion of the object. Students are timing their "Monsters" as they are propelled across the room by the force of air.

Conservation students recently built habitats to mimic those that are required for endangered species in Missouri. Students learned about the basic needs of these animals including shelter, food sources, and water sources.

------------------------------- ATHLETICS --------------------------------


We have 18 HS boys playing basketball. Our game scores to this point:


Gainesville 73 Bakersfield 58

Gainesville 88 Bradleyville 56

Gainesville 51 Mansfield 37

Junior Varsity:

Gainesville 60 Bakersfield 41

Gainesville 56 Bradleyville 52

This group of guys seem to be eager to play well and they do a good job of working together. Our daily goals are to show up to the gym with a team first attitude, to have a great work ethic, to strive to improve and to play with enthusiasm. We feel if we meet these goals we can be a very solid group moving forward.

Submitted by Coach Jenkins



We are currently 0-3 on the season. We have lost to three competitive teams to start the year. We have not executed like we should thus far, but feel like we are a good team and will get on track moving forward. We have a good group of girls that work hard. I feel like we will have a good competitive season this year.


Gainesville 37 Chadwick 40

Scoring Leaders: Shayla Wages 12, Erin McKinzie 11, Debra Winrod 6

Rebound Leaders: Debra Winrod 9, Hallee Donley 6, Gracie Strain 6

Assist Leaders: Erin Mckinzie 5, Hallee Donley 2, Shayla Wages 1


Gainesville 38 Willow Springs 47

Scoring Leaders: Shalya Wages 15, Erin McKinzie 15, Liz Kinworthy 4

Rebound Leaders: Liz Kinworthy 10, Debra Winrod 5, Hallee Donley 4

Assist Leaders: Shayla Wages 4, Liz Kinworthy 3, Gracie Strain 2


Gainesville 38 Hartville 55

Scoring Leaders: Liz Kinworthy 10, Shayla Wages 9, Debra Winrod 7

Rebound Leaders: Debra Winrod 11, Erin McKinzie 5, Hallee Donley 5

Assist Leaders: Shayla Wages 4, Erin McKinzie 3, Gracie Strain 2

Submitted by Coach West

------------------------------- JUNIOR HIGH --------------------------------

Eighth grade students in Mrs. Johns' class finished up reading the novel "The Outsiders"

with a project. This project allowed students to create a movie poster, timeline, sequel or develop a map of the plot to clarify their understanding of the book.

------------------------------- CLUBS & GROUPS --------------------------------


The Gainesville FBLA Chapter has had a very busy month. We have adopted two Angel Tree children and have shopped for them in our community. Our members have signed up and are beginning to prepare for Districts coming up this February. Last Friday, December 4, was the Gainesville Christmas Parade, and our chapter placed 1st with their float. Lastly, on Tuesday, December 15, FBLA will be hosting a Christmas Party for our members during homeroom. There will be games, food, and prizes.

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Third grade students are working very hard in the computer lab. Student are learning the correct procedures for keyboarding, they are now using keyboard covers and are doing great!

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Kindergarten had fun learning about Thanksgiving! We learned about the pilgrims and Indians coming over on the Mayflower. Students made costumes and dressed as Indians and pilgrims as we had a feast the last day before Thanksgiving break. We studied turkeys and made some cool brownie turkeys. Learning is fun in Kindergarten!



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First graders enjoyed a Charlie Brown Feast and made turkeys for Thanksgiving.

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Second graders have been busy writing persuasive letters to Santa, and they cited evidence of good behavior! Also, they each enjoyed making a swinging Santa.

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Third Grade is learning about holidays around the world that are celebrated in December. They are learning the customs and traditions of people from Mexico, Japan, Germany, Liberia, Australia, and Italy. The vastly different beliefs are creating questions and discoveries for us!

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Fourth graders enjoyed a snowball fight! Each piece of paper represented a snowball and had a 3 or 4 digit multiplication problem to solve. Once each person solved their problem they got to throw their snowball across the room and choose another snowball.

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Fifth grade has been working hard this month! Whether getting the gingerbread girl across the water in their latest STEM projects or realizing how much they have learned about long division, they have worked hard to end the year 2020 on a high note. They have taken this challenging year head on, and are excelling at each new topic they cover!

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Sixth grade has finished up another novel study, with the classic Island of the Blue Dolphins. To end the study students were able to show their creative side by choosing 1 of 5 types of projects. They could create a tool that would helped Karana survive in the wilderness, wrote the “next chapter” of the book, create a diorama of their favorite scene, make a poster using their favorite figurative language example, or create a 3D map of the island. They then had an oral presentation for each project.