Fitness at Dana Elementry

By Jasmine and Zach

How does exercise help us?

It helps because we use our muscles.It also helps us by staying fit and active.When you use your muscles they strengthen.

How do we find an ideal place to exercise?

It has to be a big place to exercise to be an ideal place.Also ther has to be nothing around you.Also a place that is not populated.

What are the levels of exercise?

The levels of exercise are 1-5.  Level 1 you should increase the intensity because you are breathing ultra light, so there is not any change to your speech.Level 2 you should increase the intensity just a tiny bit because you are breathing lightly, so it is very little effect to breathing.Level 3 you should increase the intensity a little bit which is a little bit more than level 2, because you are breathing medium and you have slight pauses between words.Level 4 you should decrease the intensity a little bit more than a tiny bit, because you are breathing heavily, and you have frequently broken speech. Level 5 you should decrease intensity back to level 3, because you are breathing ultra-heavy, you can not make up a word your saying.

Warm-up Exercise!

First you must stand up straight. Then you hook your arms behind you. Next put your arms straight. Then you put one leg backwards and one forward. (Hint: if not hard enough try pulling your arms up higher).