Dominique dawes

BY: Karyme Zepeda

Born date

Dominique dawes November 20,1967 age (37) Dominique dawes is famous for her tremendous success as an Olympics gymnast who complected in tree Olympics games.


When Dominique Dawes was six years old she stared taking gymnastics lessons at age 9 Dawes would write the word determination in canyon

Life lesson

what i have noticed about in her life lesson is that she loves to be an Olympics and she has won and she is and good athletic girl

In five words

Active, energetic, strong, muscular, powerful

Five Fast Facts

-Dominique Dawes became the first African american Olympic gymnastics

-Dominique Dawes started gymnastics class at age 6

-Dominique Dawes has won more champion medal any other athlete male of female since 1965

-at age 23 Dawes decided to turn in her leotard to help trains and motivational young gymnasts has

-During the Olympics trains in 1992 Dawes stuffed from tendinitis is in both ankles

Dominique Dawes - Uneven Bars - 2000 US Championships - Day 2