by Jonathan

Fun Facts

Fun Facts:Cobras can't pull their fangs back like vipers.


The cobras try to act tough when facing enemies it expands it's ribs and mucsels on both sides of their necks to create whats called a hood.The Indian cobra of South Asia and Southeastern Asia can grow up to 6 ft.Most cobras eat a variety of animals,including frogs,fishes,lizards,snakes,birds,and various small animals.A cobra bite may cause death in a few hours.The king cobra can grow up to 18 ft! The king cobra can live up to 20 years.Cobras weigh about 20 lbs/pounds.


The Indian Cobra lives in south Asia and the King Cobra lives in South and Southeast Asia.

The king cobra lives in Asia and India.

Cobra Enemies

the Mongoose is one of the cobras most dangerous enemies.
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