The largest Animal on a Mountain

The Mighty Couzzoatel

The Making of this Enormous Beast

It starts out like this, I was stuck on a mountain because my ship crashed. The mountains do not have anything on it. I am so glad I brought animals and plants with me. Some of my animals might not make it on my mountain. The animal I really think that would not make it on the mountain is the cow because it cannot climb.

What I would mix with this fat cow would be a buzzard. Have you ever heard of this disgusting bird? A buzzard can eat small organisms like rabbits and lizards. I want to mix the cow with the buzzard so it can eat better and move around the mountain better or see it. Also, I want to mix it with a goat. I want to mix it with the goat because it can climb the large mountain and protect itself from predators with its strong and sharp horns. Lastly, I mix the cow with a tall and camel so it can store water and hold on to food longer. That`s how the tough beast is made.

The Animals I'm showing here are the animals the cow is mixed with to make the cow better!

Do you want to know how the Couzzoatel Survives !!!

The Couzzoatal is really big and it has a couple of teeth and a huge beak. You really need to look at it. If you look closely at it you with see it has udders from the cow. You will see it has horns like a goat so it can protect himself from predators. Can you see that the Couzzaotel has a big stomach. Do you know why? The couzzoatel has a big stomach because a cow has four stomachs. Know you know that this animal eats a lot. Finally if you look at my animal you will see wings and a big beak. This animal survives by eating ,fighting , and flying. That's how this animal survives.

This is a Picture of the Mighty Couzzoatel.

This Animal can Eat!

From the cow this animal has four stomachs and udders. Now you know that this animal can eat a lot. You know that a cow eats grass; the couzzoatel can eat grass to. A buzzard eats small animals including dead animals like rabbits ,lizards ,small snakes ,and other small animals. A goat eats mostly everything so, the couzzoatel eats mostly everything too. Lastly, a camel doesn't eat that much because they store their food and water. That`s why this animal can eat, and I mean this animal can eat a lot.
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