Dian Fossey

By Lyric Wilson

The power of Dian Fossey

Dian Fossey hates poachers. She hates them so so much she even burnt their traps. So if you hate poachers like Dian you should thank her. She loves animals just like me so she dedicated 18 years of her life studying gorillas. You might think "Oh, I can do that!" but actually it was very very dangerous going to Africa alone. I really am thankful for Dian because she started a gorilla fund and I love gorillas!!
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Lonely years

Dian had a lonely unhappy childhood. Dian loved animals her whole life so they were her only comfort. Her parents divorced when she was only three. Her and her mom Kitty thought George, her dad, was dead. But after 30 years they found George and realized he had remarried. So Kitty also remarried but to a very mean man. He made Dian eat in the kitchen with the kitchen maid. Dian was unhappy but she loved being with horses which then was her only comfort.

Teen Dian Fossey

When Dian grew up she failed vet college so decided to be a doctor which is where she heard Dr.Leakey was giving a lecture from her friend doctor. She got chosen to venture to Africa. She was thrilled but a tiny,tiny bit scared.

Dian's mission

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