30 Day Facebook Event


Prepping Your Host and Setting Up the FB Live Event

Before creating the Event, have your Host do the inviting FIRST. Let he/she know that when they have 25 people who have said Yes to plugging in, you will create the 30 Day FB Event, and you will also send them a FREE gift as a thank you for their time and help in making this a successful event! (The free gift could be a "pamperbox of samples")

Verbiage to send to the Host to prep for the Event:
I'm really excited about your event! I'm going to set up your 30 Day FB Event page, but first, let's figure out who wants to come. Once you have 25 guests who have said Yes to listening in, I will send you a little gift as a thank you for your time and help in making this a successful event! Here's some verbiage you can use to invite! [Consultant, choose from the verbiage examples below].

Verbiage for Host to use to Invite Guests

If they are currently participating in the 30 Day Challenge or have completed it:

I don't know if you know that I recently did Arbonne's 30 Day healthy eating plan and lost 13lbs, 6 inches and am finally sleeping better which means more energy! This program was life changing for me, so I wanted to share it with my friends and family. I will be hosting a FB live with my consultant who will be sharing more details about what the program. He/She is very knowledgeable about eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. The FB event will be Thursday the 15th at 8 pm and will be about 15 minutes. Hope you are available to listen to what she has to share! Please let me know if I should add you to the event!

If they have NOT participated in the 30 Day Challenge:
I have decided to do Arbonne's 30 Day Healthy eating plan because I have seen so many people have great results and thought it would be fun to do it with a few friends. Thursday the 15th at 8 pm, my consultant is going to do a FB live event to share more about the 30 Days. He/she is very knowledgeable about healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. Hope you are available to listen to what she has to share, it should only be about 15 minutes! Please let me know if I should add you to the event!


Click above to access all photos needed for your event

Setting Up the FB Live Event Page

Event Name: [Host's Name]'s Healthy & Happy Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living

Location: FB Live Virtual (plug in from wherever you may be!)

Date and Time: [add in this information]
Description: Welcome to [Host's Name] Virtual Healthy Living Event! I'm so excited to share our 30 Days to Healthy Living Program with each of you! I hope you learn something new that has an impact on your health! Check out and enjoy the posts I share prior to [Host's Name]'s FB live event! On [date], [date], I will give you a brief intro into the #Arbonne30 Program -- why it's different, why it's awesome and why you would want to do this Program!
Co-Hosts: Add your Host as the Co-Host

What to Do After the 25+ Guests Have Been Added (super important)

Mark each Guest as Going so that they get the notifications. To do this:

* Go to the Event Page
* Click the Members List

* Go to the Invited Tab

* Click Going beside each name (you can also ask the Host to do this)

Creating Engagement Before the FB Live Event

Now that the Event is set up, let's make some posts. For the dates for making posts shared below, let's assume Day 1 is the day the Event is created after Guests have been Added.

Day 1: Add a Welcome Post

Introduce yourself. You can also include a photo of yourself making a protein shake, a photo with your family and you can even share a fun fact about yourself. Also share why you decided to do our 30 Days to Healthy Living regimen.

Day 3: Post Before and After Pics (including your own)

Share your own Before and After Pics with your Results (scale and nonscale) and share a few other photos from below too if you choose!

Verbiage to post with the photos.
Here are some before and after photos from people who have participated in the Arbonne30 program.

Day 4: Add the Post Below with the 3 Images below

In a Rut and not feeling your best or falling apart?!

Earn 1 point for every Symptom you have on the 3 Lists below! Post your Total Number in the Comments Below!

Day 5: Add the Post Below with the Video below


Day 6: Post a Clean Meal Recipe. Choose 1 of your Favorites or choose from the examples below!

Day of the Event: POST REMINDERS

On the day you are going to go LIVE, post a reminder at 3 hours, 1 hour and 30 minutes prior! Use the verbiage below and/or the image to match it for each post!

For the 3 hour reminder, post:

Woot Woot! It's almost time to LIVE HEALTHY! WE WILL ANNOUNCE THE CONTEST WINNER ON THE FB LIVE EVENT, MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! Good luck everyone! Grab a drink, a snack (naughty ones are fine, we aren't starting the 30 Day program YET), get cozy and comfy and be with us LIVE in 3 hours!

For the 1 hour reminder, post the "We Go LIVE IN ONE HOUR" image from below.

For the 30 minutes reminder, post the "30 MINS until WE GO live!!" image from below.


Print this script to use during your Facebook Live

When Finished Presenting: Post the comment below with the Image below.

Can I get an AMEN?!
Big picture

When Finished Presenting after the Post above: Post the below video with JOIN US!


When Finished Presenting (after the video post above): Add the post below with the picture

Thank you all for taking the time to learn about our 30 Days to Healthy Living program. Please make sure to accept my friend request so that I can follow up and answer any questions or hesitations that you may have. I plan to connect individually with all of you via Facebook Messenger to see how I can serve you best!

I hope that you'll make the decision to join us in this 30 Day Program. It is absolutely life changing! You only get one body, why not give it the fuel and nutrition it deserves! I’d love to help you order our 30 Day Fit Kit or any products that fit your lifestyle!

[Host's name] Event will close on [add date that's 3 days later].

Big picture

Now it's time to Follow up with the Guests (after the 2 posts above are made)

Facebook Friend the guests and message each Guest individually.
Here's some sample verbiage you can use:

Thank you for plugging into [host name]'s Healthy Living event! As promised in my FB live, I wanted to follow up and see if you have any questions for me regarding the Arbonne30 Program and to ask if you would you like to join our 30 Day Challenge. I look forward to hearing back from you!

1 Day After The Event: Post the verbiage below with 1 Protein Shake Recipe AND 1 Muffin Recipe (Choose your Favorites or choose from the examples below)

Here's a few of our delicious recipes made with our Protein Shake Mix! When you join the Arbonne30 program, you get access to our entire Protein Shake recipe collection!

One day after the event post the text and image below to invite everyone into our FREE Healthy Living Community

Want to learn more about Healthy Living?

Join our FREE Healthy Living Community where you will learn more about:

  • eating better
  • exercising
  • mindfullness

2 Days After the Event: Post 1 Arbonne 30 Day Compliant Treat Recipe with the below Post.

Think you can't indulge and have some sweet treats on the Arbonne30 program? We just teach you how to have CLEAN desserts that still taste amazing and satisfy the sweet tooth!

Post the Day the Event Closes with the Image Below

It's ALMOST time to close [Host's Name] Arbonne Party! We will wait if anyone needs more time! Let us know by selecting one of the below and commenting on this post.
Big picture

Closing Post: Post the Day After the Party Close Date

Ordinary people... extraordinary success!
For anyone curious about the Arbonne Opportunity, here's a great video!

WARNING: Watching this May change Your Life!

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