Battle Over The Land

Loggers and Environmentalists

Things to know.

You need to know that I don't fully support the logging in the rain forest but I don't fully support the environmentalists ideas on how the Rain forest should be preserved and not ever used at all. I have opinions that are my own, and that I'm allowed to have it on this topic. I support only some of the things each of these groups want.

The Debate.

Here is what I think should happen with the Amazon Rain forest I think not only should we keep some of the land but also use the land. We would have some land for each of the groups, not only these two. Not only should we cut it down, settle in the old land, make ranches, etc etc, we should also preserve it for its natural beauty, the medicine it makes, and the natives. We should have land for every group to enjoy, not have a pointless fight on who should get the land and why. If we combine it, and have everyone have their own little place in the rain forest it will solve many problems that are happening now over this topic. Why fight over it when we could divide it equally for each group? It makes more sense to find a solution then fight over it for centuries with no end in sight. Sure not all of the groups would say it is not fair to their own group and that they deserve more land. well this is all the land we can give them without having it totally be unfair to everyone. That's what needs to happen before this starts turning from a debate into a conflict of fighting. I'm not saying it's going to happen but at this rate it's going to be a possibility. It makes more sense spending least time debating and more time trying to find a correct answer for everyone to agree with and hopefully get what they wanted.