Come to Cloud Capital City

The biggest capital in bright night! Come were you belong!

We belong here. Where the future is clear!

Cloud Capital City is the capital city of Star Shine and is perhaps the most important city on Bright Night. Here in Cloud Capital we have many important places on the planet such as the Capital Gardens, the High Elders' Dwellings, and Moon Keeper the most prestigious

school in the country.

Here we have a lovely drawing of Capital Gardens draw by Skylar R. age 11 (right).

community commitments

  1. Their will not be any violence or war. It is forbidden under all circumstances.
  2. The high elders or beings in the Capital Garden are to be treated with respect. Harming them or their soundings is strictly forbidden.
  3. Treat others kindly and with respect. Although this is a community regulation, all citizen are highly expected to conduct themselves in this manner.
  4. Without specific permission, with an adequate reason, or orders that have been confirmed by at least three people that are in the class of nobility or higher, you are banned from harming the ecosystem and animals in and around the community.
  5. Harm or intended disrespect is unacceptable behavior and is not allowed.
  6. The high elders make final decisions on punishments, laws and regulations. They are expected to collaborate with other high elders, elders and councilors.
  7. All exile is final and secret. All exile staff are required to take an eternal secrecy oath in front of the high elders in the capital gardens every year.

* If laws 1and 2 are broken the offender will be taken to exile forever.

* Punishments for laws are usually one of the following:

  • Exile ( the worst)
  • Solitary confinement (ranging from a couple of days to an eternity)
  • Clean up (for the minor offenses)
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This text is a draft written by a student, who is already publishing articles in the Cloud Capital Carrier, one of the most read newspapers on the planet.

Please come visit !

We hope that you come and visit, we sincerely wish that you love it, and who knows, maybe you'll stay?

Thank you

Luna Skyblossom
The Community Publicity Director