Should school times be later?

By Kennedi Ulman

How nice would it be to go to school later?

Although getting more sleep everyday sounds nice, but that is not the only valid reason why schools should start later. Not getting enough sleep can affect your grade and hurt your mental and emotional health.

Avon High School, Indiana

In 2011, Avon High School in Indiana started school thirty minutes later and saw a big improvement. Many students reported that they felt more energized, had better attitudes and were ready to learn. Starting school later did not cost the school any money and the school's grade average had increased.
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Decatur Township Schools, Indiana

In 2014, Decatur Township School faced a problem of many kids and teenagers standing in the dark waiting for the bus. Also, some students would have to walk down busy roads, also in the dark, which is very dangerous. The district saw this problem and decided to change it. Brightness was the main issue. Instead of the High School starting at 8:15, they will start at 8:35, when it is much brighter outside.

University of Minnesota Study

A three year study at the University of Minnesota was conducted to see how later start times affected over 9,000 students from 8 different High Schools. The changes were outstanding. All 8 high schools reported that attendance, test scores, performances in math, English, science and social studies improved. The amount of tardies, substance abuse, symptoms of depression and consumption of caffeinated drinks decreased tremendously. The schools also found that there was a 70% decrease in the number of car crashes involving teen drivers in Wyoming, due to the school start time being 8:55 am.

Health Issues Related to Sleep Deprivation

When schools start classes around 7:25-7:35 am, many students have to get up hours before so they can get ready to come to school. Being tired in the morning has a bigger affect on you then just, being tired, it causes you to lose your ability to stay alert, solve problems, cope with stress and remember important information. Students who get less than 8 hours of sleep are at a higher risk of drowsy driving, having emotional and behavioral problems, depression, poor impulse control and violence, health complaints, drug and alcohol use and poor performance in academics to athletics.

The Problem with Early Start Times

Although some people would love to have earlier start times, their schedules might not go smoothly. Some parents rely on their older children to come home before their younger children. If their younger kids come home an hour before the older ones, that can create some problems. Many parents believe it will cause more headaches than solve problems.