Educational Services Newsletter

April 2015

Measures of Academic Progress

MAP Testing begins the week of April 6th. MAP information can be found on the district website under the "Academics" tab and "District-wide Assessment" link.

School Improvement Advisory Committee

The School Improvement Advisory Committee met on March 30, 2015 to analyze our School Improvement Data Report. The SIAC agendas and minutes are located on our district website under the "Academics" tab.

Creston Teaching and Learning Wiki

Check out the Creston Curriculum Wiki for many resources:
  • Sample Curriculum Maps
  • Sample Curriculum Units
  • Common Core resources and links
  • Learning Targets
  • MAP Testing
  • Technology resources

Role of Text Complexity in Reading

We have been learning about Text Structures in reading. Text Structures is how the information within a written text is organized.

Five Main Types of Text Structures

  1. Sequence - putting facts, events, or concepts into a sequence

  2. Descriptive - providing information about a topic, concept, event, object, person, idea, etc.

  3. Compare/Contrast - pointing out likenesses and/or differences among facts, people, events, concepts, etc.

  4. Cause/Effect - showing how facts, events, or concepts (effects) happen or come into being because of other facts, events, or concepts (causes)

  5. Problem/Solution - showing the development of a problem and one or more solutions to the problem

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Formative Feedback Tools