About Landor Associates Dyman Foam

About Landor Associates Dyman Foam

Landor Associates Dyman Foams is a privately owned Queensland born and bred Company established in 1992. All current operations are undertaken from our 6000 M2 building at 105 Robinson Road Geebung Brisbane. Dyman Foams proudly employs 50 Queenslanders.

Due to the diversity of our markets and products Landor Associates Dyman Foams also trades under the names Foamworld, Uptown Furniture and Factory Direct Furniture.

The primary business of Landor Associates Dyman Foams is foam conversion to the Domestic and Commercial Furniture Industry, to the Bedding Industry, to the Transport Industry, to the Sporting and Leisure Industry, to the Packaging Industry and to the Construction Industry. With over 40 different foams in standard and premium grades, both flame retardant and non-flame retardant, Landor Associates Dyman Foams has the ability to supply any foam requirements to any market.

When this broad spread of product is coupled with state of the art computerized and manual cutting equipment operated by the most experienced staff in the Industry, Landor Associates Dyman Foams can proudly say we are the front runners in foam Conversion in Queensland and have been for over a decade.

In 1995 Dyman Foams made a decision to vertically integrate its supply chain and began making Furniture for the local domestic and commercial markets. Some 16 years later we are now one of the leading Furniture Manufacturers in Queensland trading under the name Uptown Furniture manufacturing upholstered lounge furniture from chairs through sofas and sofa beds to corner suites and chaise lounges. As a leading manufacturer we guarantee we use all the best materials from start to finish and, where at all possible, the greenest materials available. Our timber is from sustainable forests and is void of knots and weak points and all frames are glued as well as nailed. All cross sections are braced for added strength. The foams in all our lounges are 35 density premium foams in the seats and 25 - 30 density foams elsewhere including the backs, arms and outbacks. All foams are endorsed by the Asthma Foundation and are treated for dust mites and other bugs. Where fibre is used the fibre is hollow fill siliconised fibre which is expanded and produced by ourselves through modern computerized precision machinery. The cushion support system we use is Black Cat Webbing which is recognized as Industry best. Whilst fabrics are an individual choice we ensure fabric selection is suited to the application. Our lounges are cut and sewn by the most experienced operators in the Industry and all other processes such as framing and upholstery are performed by vastly experienced operators using the best equipment available.

In 2009 Dyman Foams, due to the lack of support for local manufacturers by retailers in general, decided to again vertically integrate its supply chain further and, as a consequence, started retailing under the Factory Direct Furniture banner. This outlet sells all products manufactured by Uptown Furniture as well as, where possible, supporting other local manufacturers.

The Managing Director of Landor Associates Dyman Foams, Kevin Feldman, has been a long time servant of the Furniture Industry Association and was last year granted Life Membership. Kevin has been a Director of the Queensland Industry Association for over 25 years - 6 as President. In that time he has also served for over 10 years on the National Body.

Dyman Foams is a respected Queensland Company, employing Queenslanders and making quality products for the local market. At the same time Landor Associates Dyman Foams has never lost sight of its responsibility to the Industry nor to the community and this has been demonstrated over time.

The foundation of our Company is our people - measured by our products and the respect we have from our peers. We are proud of our Company, our products and our achievements.