Emma's Eco-Friendly Island


Emma's Eco-Friendly island is 100% dedicated to sustaining it's economy and making sure that all nature is correctly looked after.

This island has many recreational activities, that don't harm the environment!

Canoeing, bike rides, swimming, trekking and even a community garden are all available and you are encouraged to join in with them.

The accommodation is very eco-friendly. There are various huts available, made from carefully selected materials, campfires for your cooking needs, dirt tracks (for humans and bikes only) and eco-friendly showers for your hygiene needs.

This beautiful island is located just east of Townsville, Queensland and you can have day trips or even 2 week holidays, it's your choice.

There is just one request we have, please pick up any rubbish you may see and try to be as eco-friendly as you can.

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