Cub Chronicle: Parent Edition

December Newsletter

What our cubs are Learning

Content Areas

Pre-K 4


-print directionality (read from left to right, top to bottom)

-separates a four-word sentence into individual words ( I like cheese pizza. I-1, like-2, cheese-3, pizza-4, 4 words)

-compound words (sun+flower=sunflower)

-word families (-at (cat, hat, mat, etc.), -an (ran, can, man, etc.), -ot(hot, pot, etc.), -op(mop, top, etc.)

ELA – Uu, Ll, Cc, Ww, Bb, Nn

SLA- v, h, j, e, t, p, a, n, b, m, l, d, o, s, u, c, g, f


-continue working on addition and subtraction using concrete models, creating pictorial models, and sharing word problems for adding up to 5 objects.

-sorting objects into groups and describe why they are different

-subitizing (child will verbally identify the number of objects 1 to 5 without counting)

Social Studies/SEL

-discuss similarities and differences of holidays and traditions around the world

-sustaining attention to task until complete


-caring for our environment (reduce, reuse, recycle)

Pre-K 3

Our theme is Safe & Healthy Me


We will be learning about rhymes! We will continue to focus on our letters and sounds and exploring books! We are writing the first letter of our names.


We continue to explore addition and subtraction up to the number 3. We are also studying different patterns. Math is all around us in shapes and colors.

Science is a fun subject to explore!

We will be discussing Earth Materials and their properties and uses.

Social Studies

We will continue to identify out Texas and US Flag. We will practice reciting the pledges daily. We will also be learning about the holidays, traditions and family & community.

SEL (Social and Emotional Learning)

Will be all about how we solve problems. It is important that we know when to seek an adult for help!

Specials' Corner


December in P.E., we will be reviewing Go, Slow, Whoa foods and our gross motor skills. I will be assessing the students informally through games, and formally through one-on-one observations.


This month we will be continuing our learning and understanding of a "steady beat" begin to find our high voice and low voice. We have a special activity on December 2nd from 4:30-5pm to create musical instruments! Please check your google classroom for additional information and join us on December 2nd.


We will continue our study of the elements of Art in December. We will explore the element of texture. We will use our knowledge of color, shape, and line to create texture in our winter themed directed drawings.

Health Spot

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  • Lets talk about FLU SEASON; the best defense is to VACCINATE!

    Also, if your child has turned 4, don't forget to get those vaccines. This will get them ready for KINDERGARTEN 2021-2022!

  • Please provide 3 changes of clothes for students daily. Please refer to the district's toileting policy provided by your classroom teacher for more information.

Student Health & Safety

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To find more information regarding GPISD's protocols & procedures during COVID-19, please visit

Counselor's Corner

Hello Crockett Cub Family,

We are Mrs. Lopez, your School Counselor and Ms. Gaines, your Social-Emotional Learning Counselor. It is truly a pleasure to support all the children and families at Crockett EES. We actively work to provide our students weekly guidance lessons, individual counseling sessions, and various virtual parent education classes. If your child is in need of any social-emotional support, please fill out the counselor consultation form. The form can be found by clicking the following link:


Our vision is for all of our young learners at Crockett Early Education School to develop fundamental skills; academically, socially and emotionally at an early age so that they can succeed and find their unique and individual passion in life.


Our mission is to support our School District’s youngest learners in reaching their highest potential socially, emotionally and academically. We provide students and families with a counseling program that addresses skills and techniques that foster social, emotional, and academic growth to all children to prepare them for school readiness.

This month, counselors will be facilitating activities that assist students in sustaining their attention and focus. These skills have to be explicitly taught and are critical for learning and retaining information. Therefore, activities that foster these skills are encouraged. The good news is that these skills can be taught by playing hands-on games, so your child can be building valuable skills while having fun! Here are some games and activities you can try at home:

  • Thinking games
    • Puzzles
    • Memory games
  • Activities that require sequencing
    • Following recipes
    • Setting the table
    • Putting things in alphabetical or chronological order

To ensure that your child is fully physically equipped to hold their attention for a considerable amount of time, please keep the following in mind:

  • 3-4 year olds need anywhere from 10-14 hours a sleep.
  • Young children always benefit from having a set schedule at school as well as at home.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet low in sugar is recommended.

Mark your calendars!

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1: Family Zumba Class @ 8-9a (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad)

2: ‘Make a Musical Instrument with Me, Dad!’ All dads, grandpas, uncles and father figures are welcome to attend @ 4:30-5:00p (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad)

4: PACT “Back to School in a Pandemic- Tips for Parents: Finding Solutions for Difficult Challenges” by Momentous Institute. @ 10-11a If you are interested in registering for this webinar, please contact Ruth Minotti at (972) 262-5353 or email:

8: Family Zumba Class @ 8-9a (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad)

9: PACT “Reading Aloud to Your Child @ 9-10a (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad)

10: Cookies with Mom! @ 7:30a-8:00 am- Drive-thru event! All moms, grandmas, aunts and mother figures are welcome to attend. Advanced registration is required

11: PACT “Back to School in a Pandemic: Home School Routines and Tips” by Momentous Institute @ 10-11a. If you are interested in registering for this webinar, please contact Ruth Minotti at (972) 262-5353 or email:

15: Family Zumba Class @ 8-9a (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad)

21-January 1: Winter Break (no school)

January 4: Staff Development (no school)


  • Please remember to send a note to school with your child excusing their absence upon his or her return to school.
  • Don't forget that 3 tardies equals 1 absence. The tardy bell rings at 8:10a!
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