by Mary Jenatscheck

Are You Up to Date on the SIP?

The Plan Do Study Act portion of the SIP should be maintained as a running record of progress. As you may recall the Plan Do Study Act portion of the SIP is laid out in an Excel spreadsheet format. As updates occur insert a line into the SIP (just as you would insert a line into an Excel spreadsheet) and detail out your updates. For example, if in the 'Do' portion you've described your implementation of a particular strategy or practice, then insert a line in the 'Study' portion as to the strategies impact. For example, how is the instructional strategy impacting proficiency and growth in student achievement. As the next step in your implementation takes place you will need to insert another line in the appropriate portion of the PDSA to report that next step.

The next SIP submission is December 1, 2013.

Center Regional Workshop November 21 at Resources New Facility in Sartell, Minnesota

The Center of Excellence is pleased to offer you another professional development opportunity for Leadership Implementation Teams. The focus redundantly is 'FOCUS'. We'll be continuing on where we left off in August with the next pieces of the Leadership Team Rubric. To best plan for the day we are asking you to register - the following link will take you to the registration site:


What's On Your Book Shelf?

During her research, author Amanda Ripley happened upon a chart of PISA data compiling half a century of student test scores and performance rankings gathered from a variety of different countries and cultures. She was intrigued - and puzzled. Students within certain countries seem to be gaining critical learning skills, outpacing many other countries, including America (especially in math). The author then follows three foreign exchange students over the course of their year long study - one in Finland, one in Poland, and one in Korea, to determine the 'whys' of international standing. A must read for every educator interested in understanding the basis of dramatically different test results and suggestions for how America can respond.

How's Your SIP Implementation Related to the Stages?

Where do you find yourself in the stages of implementation with your SIP strategies? Is the 'Full Implementation' stage reached for at least one of your strategies? During the Full Implementation stage we find: monitoring of student progress, support as needed, feedback loops refining the work, data identifying effectiveness and challenges, and decision making happening in a sequential manner. Further, this stage is characterized by a deeper awareness as people begin to see what is possible.

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