Buckaroo Update

This newsletter will keep you up-to-date on what's happening (or will happen!) on the BHS campus!



Buckaroo Family:

Thank you for your patience through this difficult time.

Due to the mandated closing, teachers are now working from home and online classes will begin Monday, March 23. Teachers will make themselves available via office hours, which are listed below. Because we are working virtually, any parent or student can reach out to their teachers with questions via email at any time.

Staff emails are as follows: firstname.lastname@breckenridgeisd.org. If you don't know the first name of the teacher please visit here: http://www.breckenridgeisd.org/BISDDirectory.htm


To streamline communication, we have established a special Coronavirus webpage. We are asking that ALL information be received here. As the website gets updated, we will notify you in various ways (call outs, Facebook...etc). However, to streamline communication updated information will go through the website http://www.breckenridgeisd.org/coronavirus-updates.html. Should you need to communicate with the school during this time please utilize the following methods:

1. Call by phone: 254-559-4183 (leave a message)

2. Email (instructions listed above)

Also, any videos I share will be linked with this page.

We are also working to rebuild the website to allow for clearer communication. It is currently scheduled to be 100% finished by Monday at 4:00 pm.

Google Classroom

The vast majority of classes will be facilitated through Google Classroom. Class codes will be shared out and parents should be able to access the material. Prior to this happening, the student will need to have accessed the classroom. Access to all class codes will be provided. Please make sure you "attend" parent training via this link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1r3L9ErzLSqgaNfNnxKeLji2Z7aWAjxzu6M20PAncQkQ/edit#slide=id.g4f60ec15fb_1_0

This will help you understand how to support your student on the online platform they're using.

Update: Please take the time to join your child's Google Classroom if you haven't already. Instructions are included.


Social and Emotional Learning

Counselors have also created a Google Classroom set up to meet the needs of students during this time. Please feel free to utilize at any time.

Check your email from Mrs. Young to access.

SpEd/504/ELL Accommodations

Our teachers and staff are working to ensure students who have accommodations will be provided services to the best of our ability during this time. If you have and questions or concerns about services please reach out to the teacher or administration via the communication linked above and we can provide help.


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Up to date Info

Check the Breckenridge ISD Coronavirus link for updates.


Message to Parents and Students