Conmy's Class News

5th Grade Updates and Events

Upcoming Events in Mrs. Conmy's Classroom

November 25-27: No School

December 8: Day of Compassion

December 11: Chimes and Choir Tour

December 11: Student Teacher's Last Day

December 14: Evening Concert

December 17: Holiday Program in the lunchroom from 10:05-10:40

December 21-22: Genius Hour Presentations

December 21-22: December Book Report Presentations

December 23-January 1-No School

What is Going on in Room 17

Dailys: All groups are working on a variety of reading fluency and comprehension skills by reading novels.

Math: The class is finishing up Unit 3 (Fractions) and will be testing on Friday.

Spelling: Students continue to work through their spelling lists completing both a spelling sort and spelling activity each week. They also have the opportunity to practice their words using Spelling City.

Science: We have started learning about Levers. Students will continue to learn and build a variety of Levers.

Reading: We will be starting a new story in class about slavery. Students have been focusing on comparing and contrasting different elements of their text and finding text evidence to support their answer.

Writing: The students have worked really hard revising and editing their personal narrative papers. We celebrated these papers yesterday in class. The next writing project will start after Thanksgiving. Students will be researching an explorer and writing a paper and creating a way to share about their explorer.

Book Report: The class discussed the next book report yesterday. The students have 6 different options for their non-fiction book report. See attached documents to find out more information.

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