Source Analysis Assignment

British's Success as a colonizing power

Summary of research

Jules Ferry gave a speech about imperialism in 1884 to the French Chamber of Deputies. This is a primary source as it is not reproduced by any one and is the original speech from when it was spoken. This speech claims that imperialism is for the higher race people and that the higher race is in need to civilize the inferior races. From this, we can learn that only the superior race colonized lower race countries and that they had excess power over these lower race people, using them to their liking and using the land however they wanted

(The picture is the slavery of inferior race during the process of colonising)

Analysis of Source

This source was from Jules Ferry's perspective. I think the speech was created to emphasize on the importance of colonizing and persuading the French people to continue colonizing more and more. Colonization will give the French a boost in economy and raise market trading. Jules Ferry was bias of his own country thinking he had more rights than the inferior race. "the higher races have a right over the lower races...." We should not listen to this as everyone should have equal rights of everything no matter what race they are. I think that Jules Ferry's speech taught me the impacts of colonisation and how their attributes were towards the 'inferior' races
This little bit of information helped simplify the speech making it easier for me to understnad
This is the shipping dock of America, assuming it is busy, this shows us that colonization boosted the import/export.


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