Eye-talian Unification

Julia, Patrick, Reem, and Hudson

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Conflict in Italy

Italy was made up of small independent states, many of which were under the control of the Hapsburgs. Piedmont and France went to war with Austria to expand their land. France thought that Piedmont would become too powerful, so they double-crossed Piedmont and made a treaty allowing Austria to keep Venetia. This caused Piedmont to slowly gain more land and this made the Vatican hostile to the growing kingdom. The hostilities between the two nations ceased with the Lateran Accord in 1929.

Results and Resolution

  • Piedmont gained only a small amount of land from the war with Austria due to the way the French had double-crossed them.
  • Garibaldi slowly conquered more kingdoms and hoped to form a republican Italy
  • He conquered the rest of the Papal states, but he gave up to Piedmontese domination, and a monarchical Italy was formed
  • Savoy and Nice were given to France because much of the population spoke French.
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"It's tragic that Cavour's policies were, like, so quickly dismissed." Hudson

"I think it was bad that it had to come to war to unify." Patrick

"I think it's interesting that Italy was geographically together but economically and socially they were so diverse until the unification." Reem

"They're unified now." Julia

3 Questions

1. Who did Piedmont go to war with?

2. Was Italy a republic or a monarchy?

3. Which two cities were given to France?