4th Grade All Stars

September 20, 2013

Upcoming Events

September 23: Skate Night at Florence Fundome 6-8
September 23-27: Book Fair

September 24: book fair family night from 5:30-7:30
September 25: AR Celebration
September 26-27: Camp Carlisle Overnight Field Trip

October 9: Book Projects due

October 11 and 14: Fall break

Math and Science

Math-We are continuing place value! Our place value test will be on Tuesday. It will cover place, value, comparing, rounding, mean, median, mode, addition, and subtraction.
We started our study guide on Friday. It will go home with them on Monday along with an additional review page for homework.

Science- We are finishing up our force and motion unit and tested this week. We will begin our next full unit after we return from Camp Carlisle

NOTES: Students are able to correct any papers that they receive a 50% or less on. This includes homework and there is a note for them to correct and return. Many students have NOT taken advantage of this and their grades are low because of it. Please contact me if you are worried that your student does not make corrections when they could. I keep track!

Also: If students get their study guides (math AND science) signed by an adult showing that they ACTUALLY studied, then they will receive bonus points on their tests.


Mrs. Dailey's class has PE on Monday.
Ms. Schreiner's class has PE on Thursday (we will be at Camp Carlisle that day though).

Reading and Social Studies

Reading: We are continuing our novel study, Because of Winn-Dixie. The skills we will be working on are theme, character traits, and story elements. We are also working on using evidence-based terms in our writing to support our answers. Don't forget that book projects are due on October 9!

Language Arts: This week we will continue working on using commas correctly in our sentences and correct capitalization. These are part of our writing non-negotiables, so after next week points will be taken off work if the grammar is not correct in their writing. We will also do a brief study on proper nouns.

Social Studies: We will begin a unit on Explorers. We are going to study the characteristics of nonfiction books and then the students will be researching and writing an informational essay on an explorer. This Social Studies/Writing unit will last for several weeks.

Notes from the teacher

Midterm for the 1st Quarter ended on Friday the 13th. Midterms went home today. They need to be signed and returned but they will be given back to you after we check your signature. You can always check to see how your child is doing through the Infinite Campus portal. Any missing assignments were given a 0 on the midterm. This is a perfect time to talk with your student about how to raise their grade if they are unhappy with their midterm reports. A few ideas from us: make corrections and turn them back in for half credit, turning work in on time, visit the teacher before school to ask for help, check over your work before you turn it in.

Our class will be visiting the Book Fair on Wednesday, September 25th, so if your child would like to purchase a book, that is the day to send in money. Book fair family night is on the 24th. Please note that students won't be able to visit the book fair any other time than family night and on the 25th. book fair slots are full before the 25th and we will be at Camp Carlisle when the book fair ends.

Look for information and reminders for Camp Carlisle to come home today.