South Africa, nation of freedom and rights


South Africa has no legally defined capital; they have 3 main cities, which are selected by the executive, judicial, and legislative power.

Executive - Pretoria

Judicial - Bloemfontein

Legislative - Cape Town

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Currency - South African Rand

Largest City - Johannesburg

Official Languages - Afrikaans, Northern Sotho, English, Southern Ndebele, Southern Sotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, & Zulu

President - Jacob Zuma

Area - 1,221,037 km2

Population - 54,956,900

Population Density - 42.4/km2

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Places to Visit

West Coast National Park
It is a very beautiful place for sight-seeing. There is a variety of flora and fauna; this is a good place for many photographers and nature lover's people. For those who would like to have fun, there is a lagoon with recreational areas. It is also said that an ancient woman has wandered around there; paleontologists found a feet footprint of a 1.5 m tall woman in this colorful, wonderful park.

Johannesburg's Chinatown

China has influenced greatly in the City of Gold; this is a city with great history because of both urban decay and urban renewal. It all started in the 1870s that Chinese immigrants began to arrive looking for diamonds and gold. South Africa's Chinese population, which is estimated to be in the region of 350 000 people, predominantly speak Cantonese, English and Hakka. There can be found many shops from Chinese origin; their traditions are still strong, South Africans have found this a good way to connect with other cultures. This is a mix of two cultures clashing together.

Apartheid Museum

This museum was placed in honor of the fighting against discrimination. Nelson Mandela, who promoted peace all around the world, is one of the exhibitions of this museum. The Apartheid Museum, the first of its kind, illustrates the rise and fall of apartheid. It was built ins 2001 with a price of approximately 80 million rand. It was also paid for by the Gold Reef City.A series of 22 individual exhibition areas takes the visitor through a dramatic emotional journey that tells a story of a state-sanctioned system based on racial discrimination and the struggle of the majority to overthrow this tyranny.

Table Mountains

This area is a flat topped mountain (Kind of a Plateau) forming a prominent landmark overlooking the city of Cape Town in South Africa, and is featured in the Flag of Cape Town and other local government insignia. This is a great place for hiking, which visitors will love for its natural beauty.

Things to Do

  • Visit the Apartheid Museum
  • Go on safari in the the Hluhluwe & Imfolozi National Park
  • Kayak with Crocodiles
  • Canopy Tour
  • Go to an Adventure in the Cango Caves\
  • Dive with Great White Sharks

Cultural Aspects

The culture of South Africa is known for its ethnic and cultural diversity. It is among these people that cultural traditions survive most strongly; as blacks have become increasingly urbanized and Westernised, aspects of traditional culture have declined. Urban blacks usually speak English or Afrikaans in addition to their native tongue. There are smaller but still significant groups of speakers of Khoisan languages, not included in the eleven official languages, but are one of the eight other officially recognised languages. There are small groups of speakers of endangered languages, most of which are from the Khoisan family, that receive no official status; however, some groups within South Africa are attempting to promote their use and revival.

Holidays and Festivals


  • 1 January New Year's Day
  • 21 March Human Rights Day
  • The Friday before Easter Sunday Good Friday
  • The Monday following Easter Sunday Family Day
  • 27 April Freedom Day
  • 1 May Workers' Day
  • 16 June Youth Day
  • 9 August National Women's Day
  • 24 September Heritage Day
  • 16 December Day of Reconciliation
  • 25 December Christmas Day
  • 26 December Day of Goodwill, formerly Boxing Day

Did You Know?

  • Table Mountain in Cape Town is believed to be one of the oldest mountains in the world.
  • South Africa is the second largest exporter of fruit in the world.
  • South Africa has the longest wine route in the world.
  • South Africa generates two-thirds of Africa's electricity.
  • South Africa has the third highest level of biodiversity in the world.
  • The world is divided into six floral kingdoms. All these kingdoms encompass several countries, and in some cases, several continents. South Africa, which has a floral kingdom wholly contained within the country, is the one exception. The Cape Floral Kingdom has 9,600 plant species, 70% of which are not found anywhere else in the world.