Sustainable Seattle

Sustainability Walking Tour

Take a stroll through Capitol Hill, visiting Seattle's most sustainable sites

Join us Saturday, August 24th, when we will get together with friends, take a walking tour of five sustainable sites in the city, and talk sustainability.

Bullitt Center? EcoDistrict? P-patches? Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood is going through many changes- and developments continue! Fortunately, sustainability has been key to many (new and old) projects, helping create a thriving community to be proud of! You’re invited on a walking tour to visit spaces on “The Hill” picked for their commitment to sustainability. Hear from many local organizations and learn how you can take action at home. This event begins and concludes at the NW Film Forum 8th Annual Bike-In.

Sustainable Seattle's Captiol Hill Sustainability Walk

Saturday, Aug. 24th 2013 at 5-7:30pm

Tour begins and ends at Cal Anderson Park, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

Three tours will take place, the first tour wil start at 5:00pm, with two more set to begin at 5:30pm and 6:00pm. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your tour to sign in at the Sustainable Seattle booth in Cal Anderson Park. The tour will cover a distance of about 3 miles over various surfaces and grades. Please plan accordingly, wear comfortable shoes, and dress appropriately for whatever weather we may encounter that day. To sign up for a tour please visit our registration page.


Our tour will begin and end at Cal Anderson Park where the Seattle Bike-In will be taking place. Participants are invited to stay and enjoy live music and a movie at dusk following the walk. There will be three tours.

Tour One Led by Naomi from Feet First

4:45pm Sign in at our booth in Cal Anderson Park

5:00pm Start walking toward first destination

7:25pm The tour concludes at Cal Anderson Park

Tour Two Led by EcoConsumer Tom Watson

5:15pm Sign in at our booth in Cal Anderson Park

5:30pm Start walking toward first destination

7:55pm The tour concludes at Cal Anderson Park

Tour Three Led by Gina of Sustainable Capitol Hill

5:45pm Sign in at our booth in Cal Anderson Park

6:00pm Start walking toward first destination

8:25pm The tour concludes at Cal Anderson Park

A preview of our stops

Start and finish at Cal Anderson Park, Capitol Hill

This is our starting point, ending point and also the epicenter for the fun after the walk. Stay and enjoy live music featuring Lo' There Do I See My Brother and Pee-wee's Big Adventure at dusk on a giant outdoor screen. There will also be booths to visit and bike valet parking. All sponsored by The Vera Project, NW Film Forum and Sustainable Seattle.

photo credit City of Seattle

Seattle Bike-In

Visit the Seattle Bike-In webpage for more information about the post walk festivities.

Image by Bmann Photo

About Sustainable Seattle

Sustainable Seattle is focused on the long-term health and sustainability of Seattle and the surrounding Puget Sound region. Founded in 1991, the organization has a history of being a catalyst and resource for positive change. We have worked to develop five sets of community-based indicators over the past 22 years, measuring and making progress towards sustainability. Our indicator reports have reached thousands of people and sparked the formation of many other community sustainability groups throughout the world. Our current programs use environmental action and education as a launching point for citizen engagement with the end goal of an overall healthier, more vibrant community for all.