Yellow Stone National Park

Kayleigh Maness & Allison Godwin

FAQ~ YellowStone National Park

  • Where is the YellowStone National Park Located? in Wyoming.
  • When was it made a national park? March 1st, 1782
  • Why it was protected? To protect wildlife and harmful endangers to it such as hunting.
  • Protection acts under Roosevelt? A protection law for Bison/Buffalo with fines set as high as $1000.00
  • Attractions? Mountains, animals & the world's largest collection of geysers.
  • Number of Visitors per year? 3,144,405 to 3,394,321
  • What does Roosevelts environmental policies reveal about the Progressive era? Roosevelt's policies reveal about the Progressive era that America was evolving more and caring more about wildlife and it was a time of claiming and conquering further land being "Progressive."
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