May 16th- May 20th

Homework Information

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Teachers: Mrs. Longcrier, Mrs. Sanchez, Miss. Stannard, Coach Vincent, and Ms.West

We are starting our prep for STAAR this month. Really we have been doing it all year, but really focusing on key spots throughout these next few weeks as STAAR is quickly approaching!

Monday: In class Benchmark

Tuesday: In class review day

Wednesday: In class Practice Test

Thursday: In class Practice test

Friday: NO School

( All homework is due the next day)


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Teacher: Mrs. Leaks

This week we begin studying for STAAR!

We have already worked SOOOOO hard this year, and this review will be fast paced, and hopefully fun! Many student lead activities, and games!

There will be daily homework the kids are responsible for! This is our last chance to clarify content or bridge any gaps. It is very important to be present at school and IN class. Remember for advanced our goal is MASTERS!!! and these kids CAN DO IT!

I update Canvas daily around 3 pm. Students may also reach me via REMIND101.

Homework: Expect homework everyday this week. Homework is due the next day in class. Late work is one day late for -40 pts. All work must be shown for credit.

Canvas: Canvas is up and running, this is where I will post our daily notes and a PDF of homework. If homework is lost between school and home, they are to print or write down the assignment on paper and bring it back.

After School: Homework help until 3:45 daily, and remind 101.

Weekly Agenda At Glance

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Teachers: Mrs. White, Ms. Lamb, Mrs. Norris

Reading Weekly Focus:

STAAR Review/Book Clubs

Grammar Weekly Focus:

Revise and Edit Review

Homework: none

Tests/Quizzes: Book Club Weekly Monitoring

*Canvas- Students who are absent for in-class instruction please use this to receive all of your notes and assignments. We also use this as a tool with those in class everyday. You will find additional notes and reviews here as well.

Teacher: Ms. McIntyre

This Week:

We will be reviewing and taking our STAAR test this week.




Reading STAAR Test 4/11 (Wednesday)

7th grade English Mrs. Parks


Reading Log My Choice

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Teachers: Mr. Lambert, Ms. Bergbower, Mr. Gilley


Mr. Lambert: Monday and Wednesday before school 7:20-7:50 & Tuesdays after School 3:15-3:45

Coach Bergbower: Thursdays before School 7:20-7:50

Coach Gilley: Tuesday before school 7:20-7:50

Study for the final exam. There is a Gimkit study guide.

Homework: None.

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Teachers: Mrs. Riley, Coach Ogden, and Coach Schmoker

This week we will be:

Learning about our environment through food chains, food webs and natural selection.


Riley: Competition in Ecosystems Vocabulary Due Tuesday April 27th

Schmoker: Competition in Ecosystems Vocabulary Due Tuesday April 27th

Ogden: Competition in Ecosystems Vocabulary Due Tuesday April 27th



Upcoming Events

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Lindale Junior High

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your student's teacher.