7th Grade Homework Newsletter

May 22nd- May 26th

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Teachers: Mrs. Longcrier, Mrs. Sanchez, Miss. Stannard, Coach Vincent, and Ms.West

Homework is always due the minute they walk in to class, COMPLETE and ready to grade. If the homework is not complete or late, then the late policy will take place.

Homework: (Which is due the next day)

**AFTER STAAR all homework and classroom activities are subject to each teacher***

Thursday: Final Exams

Friday: Final Exams

Please email your teacher if you have questions.


Tuesday: Miss.Stannard

Wednesday: Mrs.Sanchez

Thursday: Mrs.Leaks

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Teacher: Mrs. Leaks leakskt@lisdeagles.net

This week we will be doing some algebra prep, and finishing personal finance

There will be homework every night, including Friday's. Homework is due the minute they walk in to class, COMPLETE and ready to grade. If the homework is not complete or is late, then the late policy will take place. Please refer to CANVAS for this policy.

  • Monday- Unit 11 Review
  • Tuesday: Unit 11 Test
  • Wednesday: algebra
  • Thursday: algebra
  • Friday: Holiday

I am available everyday after school until 3:45pm or via Remind 101.

Students should be bringing home their notes and homework daily. They will not be able to complete homework without their notes.

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Teachers: Mrs. White, Ms. Birdsong, Mrs. Norris

Homework: Study with review for Exams

Tests/Quizzes : Semester Exams Thursday and Friday

*Canvas- Students who are absent for in-class instruction please use this to receive all of your notes and assignments. We also use this as a tool with those in class everyday. You will find additional notes and reviews here as well.

Teachers: Mrs. Eschberger

This Week:

Wrapping things up and studying for semester exams.


Reviewing for exams


Study for exams


Semester Exams Thursday/Friday

7th grade English Mrs. Parks


Tuesday and Wednesday: Practice and study for semester test.

Complete poem if not finished.

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Teachers: Mr. Lambert, Ms. Bergbower, Mr. Gilley


Mr. Lambert: Monday and Wednesday before school 7:20-7:50 & Thursdays after School 3:15-3:45

Coach Bergbower: Thursdays before School 7:20-7:50

Final Review! They will have a review on paper to study. There is also a Gimkit on Canvas to study if you have access to an electronic device.


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Teachers: Mrs. Riley, Coach Ogden, and Coach Schmoker

If you ever want to know what your student will be doing for the week

you can check their canvas!

This week we will be:

Reviewing material from the rest of the year to get ready for final exams.


Ogden: Study for final.

Schmoker: Study for final.

Riley: Study for final.

Tests/Quizzes: Final exams Thursday & Friday.

Tutorials: Please try and go to your teacher's tutorials. However, if that doesn't work for yoru schedule then you may go to another science teacher's tutorials.

Mrs. Riley - Tuesday afternoon until 4:00

Coach Schmoker - Tuesday morning from 7:30-7:55

Coach Ogden -

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Lindale Junior High

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your student's teacher.