One leads to Thousands


Cigarettes contain an additive substance called nicotine. Smokers inhale about 16 pounds of nicotine in a year, nicotine increases the heart rate by flooding the blood streams with carbon monoxide. It causes the body to crave more of it to continue the adrenaline rush. The more nicotine they consume the more they need to get the same result.

Effects of Cigarettes

There 4000 chemicals in Cigarettes and hundred of them are toxic. Smoking effects the heart, lungs,liver, with smoking come a great risk of heart attacks,stokes, emphysema and many other terrible diseases. Cigarettes are not only a deadly to the smoker but also deadly to the person next to them scientists say that second hand smoke can be just as deadly to as regular smoking

Inside of a Cigarettes

There are many different chemicals inside of cigarettes such as acetone, ammonia, arsenic, butane and carbon monoxide. These chemicals and many more are very harmful to our body. Smoking is not healthy for you, it is not made for nutrient or medicine but just for getting poor innocent people in a bad habit.