River Place Elementary Newsletter

Bouncing Back -- July 27, 2020

Principal Update on Planning for 2020-2021

Titan families,

I know you are feeling inundated with information from LISD and now see this lengthy message from me, but I want you to have as much knowledge as you can so that you can make decisions for your families. I've tried to share some of the information that we currently know about the year ahead. Note, that all of this information is a work in progress. Thanks for your continued patience and support as we bounce into the new school year.

In gratitude,

Tina Pasak

Choice Forms for Instructional Format

Please take a few minutes to fill this form out as it will help RPE make the most consistent class lists we can for the beginning of the year. Students who will return to 100% in-person will be grouped with other students who will also be 100% in-person and with a teacher who will be teaching in-person (when we can teach in-person). Similarly, 100% virtual students can be grouped together and students that will participate in the hybrid option can also be grouped. Ideally, this will help limit the number of changes your child will have to go through.

Virtual Empowered Learning Begins Thursday, August 13.

  • We will begin the first three weeks of school virtually.
  • All River Place teachers will be virtual teachers from August 13th- September 4th.
  • Our Virtual Empowered Learning program will be more robust and will offer more synchronous learning opportunities.
  • Sample schedules are being shared on LISD website, but River Place Elementary will adjust the schedule based on our student and staff needs. We will align standards and expectations with all other LISD elementary schools. Learning plans will be mindful of the home environment, balance screen time, and include physical activity as much as possible. Our focus will be on connecting with students, supporting their well-being, and teaching our students the grade-level curriculum.
  • Across all schools in LISD, we decided to use the same communication platforms: Seesaw for Pre-kindergarten - 2nd grades and Google Classroom for 3rd-12th grades.
  • Parents will have the opportunity to learn through a Virtual Empowered Learning orientation webinar. The date will be announced soon.
  • We will have another device deployment for any student who needs a chromebook/laptop for Virtual Empowered Learning. Click HERE for more information.
  • We will continue to provide lunch and the next day’s breakfast during Virtual Empowered Learning. Meals are available for any student and can be picked up in the bus lane behind the school weekdays from 11:30 am - 1:30 pm.
  • Special Programs like special education, QUEST, dyslexia, speech, and intervention services will continue to be provided. If your child is in one or more of these programs, the teachers will contact you about your child’s services.
  • It’s been awhile since our children logged in. As a reminder, for Launchpad access, the student login is lastname_lunchnumber (the login last name goes up to 8 characters only) and the student password is the student birthdate: YYYYMMDD. Launchpad allows your child to access Overdrive, Sora, iStation (reading), and Dream Box (math).

In-Person Instruction Begins Tuesday, September 8th.

  • Please note that once in-person learning starts on September 8th, we will have a new elementary bell schedule: 7:40 am - 2:55 pm.
  • Adjustments will be made to our Arrival and Dismissal procedures to ensure safety. These new procedures will be communicated to you prior to beginning in-person instruction at River Place Elementary.
  • Due to COVID-19, we will have additional safety protocols such as health screenings, facial coverings, and other personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as more frequent and thorough hygiene practices.
  • There will be no After-School Enrichment programs in LISD elementary schools for Fall 2020.
  • The YMCA program will continue taking care of children after school.
  • Principals are advocating for the safety of our students and staff, including smaller class sizes. Class sizes will depend upon enrollment in the continued Virtual Empowered Learning options.
  • Our awesome PTA is adjusting their plans to continue the positive and supportive work for the school and to ensure every parent and teacher is involved in educating our student community. Please continue to join and support our PTA.
  • Visitors will be limited and scheduled by appointment only. Most meetings (504, ARD, RTI, parent-teacher conferences) will be held virtually. Only meetings with our nurse about medications or health issues will be honored, but parents will be screened for symptoms and must wear a facial covering while in the school.
  • Yes, kids will be asked to wear masks all day long. Teachers will, too. There are a couple of notes on this. We know that five year olds (OK 50 somethings too) are going to struggle with this. We will handle it the same way we do with all other behaviors that we work to teach students. We will teach them procedures. We will talk through the purpose for wearing them and the rules. We are even purchasing lanyards that the kids can put around their necks so that when the inevitably take off their masks for a moment, they won't drop it or lose it or exchange it with a classmate.
  • We are going to enforce social distancing to the extent that is possible. We know that children are going to struggle with space. (Again, so do adults.) We are going to teach a lot of procedures about space. We are going to put a lot of markings around the building to ensure proper social distancing.
  • What will in-person school look like? Different. We are committed to keeping students safe while still having students eat in the cafeteria. The MPR may be made into a second cafeteria and Physical Education classes may be moved outside or in classroom areas. We are committed to continue teaching Art, Performing Arts, and having students read books from our library. We are committed to modeling and devoting time to teaching and implementing good hygiene handwashing practices before and after meals, touching shared materials, and playing outside at recess. Classrooms will be cleaned and sanitized daily and students will have individual supplies to the fullest extent possible. Bottom line is, our school will be a safe place for children to learn and thrive under the care and guidance of our teachers and staff.

Back to School Events

  • Tuesday, August 4th- New Family Orientation via Zoom webinar at 6:30 pm. This webinar is encouraged for any new families to River Place Elementary, including parents of our kinder students starting school. You will see a “virtual tour” of the school and meet the administrators, office staff, and counselor.
  • Tuesday morning, August 11th- Teachers Reach Out to Families- You will receive an email with a “virtual postcard” and/or phone call from your child’s teacher. You will receive their contact information and learn about your child’s schedule for August 13th through September 4th in Virtual Empowered Learning.
  • Tuesday, August 11th- K-5th Meet the Teacher Night and Virtual Empowered Learning Parent Orientation via Zoom (Times to be announced and will be spaced out for families with children in multiple grade levels to be able to join.)
  • Thursday, August 13th- First day of school -All students will start school with Virtual Empowered Learning.


If you know of any new children in your neighborhood, please pass on this information to their parents. Please register your new students online if possible: LISD Registration. If you need to come in person to register, please call us at (512)570-6900 and we will schedule an appointment. Families coming in to register must follow our safety protocols posted on our front doors of the school. If you need help, you can email our registrar Vicki Cranford (vicki.cranford@leanderisd.org).