Shawn Leonard


Christianity is a monotheistic religion, this means that they believe in 1 god. Their holy book was the bible. Jesus was their savor. They also believed in heave and hell. Christian holidays are Christmas and Easter. They believed that Christ was born December 25, which is Christmas.

Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages the church had all power. Jesus created the church so people would listen to the church. Salvation comes through the church so people would listen to the church as well. The church had all knowledge and was bff's with God so people would listen to the church. The church says to follow certain rules so listen to the church. Not following the rules or questioning the church leads to going to hell.


The Crusades was the key with trade and cultural diffusion. Their was a holy war between the Christians and Muslims in the Middle East. The Crusades lasted the 1000's to 1200's.

Protestant Reformation

The Protestant Reformation led the church to become corrupt. Martin Luther was a monk from Germany. He was also very angry with the Church because they told people that they could pay their sins off to the church with money and that was a lie, that statement wasn't even in the bible so he came up with the 95 theses. The 95 theses was printed by the printing press. Martin Luther had 3 teachings. One teaching that Luther had was that salvation came through faith. Another of his teachings was that the bible is the source of all knowledge. His third theses was that the church is not connected directly with god. An effect of the Protestant Reformation was that many different churches developed.