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Art Davis, Educator

Welcome to the Oak Grove Art information page....

This is the spot where you will find information about ongoing projects, activities and local events that will interest your artist who attend Oak Grove Elementary. IF it is to be, It's up to me! Email me at davis.johnna@mail.fcboe.org if you have any questions.

View your child's work from any device, anywhere in the WORLD

At Oak Grove, we believe in technology and understand the way the world is opened by this wave of innovation! Each artist at Oak Grove has an online gallery of their artwork. Artsonia.com is a simple, easy to use system of digitally storing files of your artist's work. When you purchase an item through the gift shop, a small portion of the proceeds comes back to help purchase supplies for the art dept. Click on the link below to see more information.

online art gallery

Additional ART...

We live a fabulous area that provides a wide variety of art opportunities for your family.

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a little about Art Davis....

Hi! My name is not REALLY Art Davis...I'm called that because multiple "Davis'" educators worked at the last school I created in. A kindergartener named me that...and, as nicknames sometime do, it stuck. I respond happily; it could be worse.
I'm a native of Fayette County (FCHS 1981; Go Tigers!); I graduated from the University of Georgia with a BFA in Printmaking. I earned my Masters in Technology from Nova Southeastern University.
My family runs a small business: Smith & Davis http://smithdavisclothing.com/ . We recently celebrated 50 years in business!
I've been an artist all my life, I grew up in the woods and come from a long line of "piddlers".
My passion as an educator is to instill wonder and unleash creativity in the little artists I work with. I LOVE my job as art teacher at Oak Grove and wouldn't trade places with anyone.