Zoe Robin


  1. Paul Fisher moves to Tangerine County, Florida
  2. They moved into their house in Lake Windsor
  3. Paul goes to Erik's football practice
  4. Paul and his mom visit the Middle School
  5. Paul goes to school and makes friends
  6. Paul gets an IEP
  7. He meets players on the soccer team
  8. Mike Costello dies
  9. Everyone goes back to normal and acts like nothing happened
  10. Paul's mom tried to get all of the parents of football players together to discuss the practice schedule.

The Erik Fisher Football Team Update

Erik Fisher is a popular kid in High School and a good athlete. He usually can be found playing football in his backyard or at the field at his school in Tangerine County, Florida. His brother Paul is not the opposite. He isn't popular but he has friends. He wears very thick glasses and plays soccer. Basically they are opposites. And they don't have the best relationship when it comes to being friendly with each other. These are just a fair few comparisons and contrasts between the two brothers.

Tragedy Strikes

  • Erik arrives and the Erik Fisher Football Dream is full steam ahead.
  • He and Mike Costello become good friends while meeting each other on the football team.
  • They are both fairly good at football.
  • One day at practice a tragedy happens and Mike Costello dies.

MOYA close-up

MOYA is things that young people go through.

Paul gets bullied by his brother who tells his friend to call Paul Eclipse boy, because as Erik puts it Paul is wearing his glasses because he looked straight at an Eclipse. That's why he is called Eclipse Boy.

The second example I got from the book is when Paul makes Joey his friend. Since they live in the same neighborhood and both love to play soccer they were good friends right away.

The third example of MOYA represented in the book is when they moved to Tangerine County, FL, and Paul's dad and Erik start talking about the Erik Fisher Football Dream. Paul's dad cares more about the Erik Fisher Football Dream than Paul himself.


Coming Up!!!!! Soccer tryouts! If you are interested in trying out please come to the back of the school at 4:00, and get ready to show of your skills! See you there!!!!!!!!