Leadership & Resiliency Skills:

A Handout for TLA 2016

I make a difference, but I can't do it alone: Barry Posner at TEDxUnversityofNevada

Assessing Your Leadership Skills

Both of the tools listed below have leader and observer tools available. If you like a holistic view of your skills, have a few observers to anonymously provide feedback on your skills. Both assessments measure transformational leadership skills.

The Leadership Practices Inventory

The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire

Quick Tips for Personal Leadership Development

  1. Engage in positive thinking.
  2. Get involved in a professional learning community.
  3. Be a life-long learner.
  4. Practice reflective thinking.
  5. Find a mentor.
  6. Become a mentor.
  7. Surround yourself with positive people.
  8. Take calculated risks.
  9. Master and share your best skill.
  10. Identify the principles that matter to you.
  11. Model the principles that matter to you.

Additional Readings

Recommended Leadership Websites

Center for Creative Leadership- http://insights.ccl.org/blog/

International Leadership Organization- http://www.ila-net.org/

Leadership Now- http://leadershipnow.com/

The Leadership Challenge- http://www.leadershipchallenge.com/home.aspx

Recommended Leadership Books

Bass, B. M., & Bass, R. (2009). The Bass handbook of leadership: Theory, research, and managerial applications. Simon and Schuster.

Kouzes, J., & Posner, B. (2012). The leadership challenge: How to make extraordinary things happen. Atlanta, GA: Better World Books.

Johnson, S. (2002). Who moved my cheese?: An amazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life. New York: Putnam.

Schein, E. H. (2010). Organizational culture and leadership (Vol. 2). John Wiley & Sons.