Flash and the iPad

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The Facts

As you may know, items that require Flash do not play on the iPad. Apple never supported this plug-in and Android has stopped as well. In fact, Adobe, the maker of Flash has abandoned this tool.

This is problematic for so many people as new Windows and Android machines will not include a Flash player. Our tried and true websites and web-based curriculum supports may still run Flash but they do so on borrowed time. Eventually they will have to convert to a plug-in called HTML 5, but that will not happen overnight. So what do we do in the meantime?

Flash-based browsers

There are many browsers that will support Flash you can install on an iPad. Unfortunately , most of them are rated 17+ as they do not filter web content for age appropriate material.

Photon EDU is rated 4+ but it also costs $4.99 for the app. LISD will not purchase this for all iPads because it would be an expensive short-term fix. Flash will go away sooner rather than later. Adoptions will change and will not use the old plug-in.

Rover is rated 4+ and free. Our team of Instructional Technology Specialists did not find it reliable to get to the desired site without timing out.

Flash and the products you use


The maker of Gizmos, ExploreLearning, says that it's content will move to HTML 5 by January. Once that happens, students can use their iPads for Gizmos. Here is the reply from a verification email sent to ExploreLearning:

We have been informed that the iPad version is to be introduced in the 4th quarter of this year and that we are on schedule, we have not yet been informed of the technologies and standards that will be used in the implementation.


This information was taken from the iStation website:

Web-Based ISIP™

ISIP Web for the desktop requires a browser that supports Flash 9 Update 3 ( These browsers include IE7+ (IE9+ preferred), Firefox 4+ (most recent preferred), Chrome 10+ (most recent preferred), and Safari 4+ for Mac (Safari on Windows is not supported).

ISIP Web for the iPad requires an iPad 2 or later running iOS 5.x or later.

enVision math and parts of the eText

Jeff Coe, a Pearson general account manager, explained that the company will not change the Flash-based resources as the State adoption process is close at hand. All new material up for the math adoption process are "device agnostic" meaning that the technology can be used on any type of device.

Think Central and Write Source

Think Central (an online resource for Journeys) & Write Source are also flash based, however any new materials they add going forward should work with the iPads. Students in iPad classrooms, can still access the Think Central or Write Source materials, using classroom Macs, PCs, or projected through the SMARTBoard. These could be used in a literacy station or for whole-class mini-lessons. An app is also available for Journeys. In the App Store search for "Harcourt", and select "HMH Readers" (see screenshots). When you open the app, there are a small amount of ebooks in both English & Spanish, for free. To acquire additional books in the textbook adoption will require the purchase of individual packs through the shopping cart portion of the app.


FasttMath is currently not available for use on the iPad as it is a Flash-based product. Scholastic was contacted about the timeframe for migrating to HTML 5; no timeframe was given for when that would take place. Sushi Monster is a free math app from Scholastic designed for the iPad. It is not the same as FasttMath in the way it collects student progress and paces students through learning their facts, but students can practice their facts.